Pistol/CCW Courses

This is a NRA Based BASIC PISTOL CLASS, and will give you everything necessary to apply for your CCW. The class starts at 8:00 am sharp so please do plan on arriving a few minutes early to get settled and will wrap up at 4:30pm. There will be working lunch breaks so plan on bringing a little food and or drink. There's a fridge and Microwave available, and you may be permitted to leave if you need to for lunch. We will be going to another location for the range portion of the class on Sunday and it is an outdoor range, so please bring warm clothes according to the weather that day. The cost is $75.00 for this class, we will supply handouts, Basic Pistol Book, testing material, the basic pistol packet from the NRA, certificates of completion, and some pistols you are more than welcome to try or use. We will also have some target ammo .9mm if you need some, the cost is $30.00 for 100 target loads. And 22.cal. is available for $8.50 per 100 rds. The class will consist of three parts: 7 hours classroom, NRA Basic Pistol 2 hours Range time, we will have up to 7 drills and qualifying with your pistol 1 hour testing for the NRA Pistol class 2 hours laws and review of application process

We are trying to stick as close as possible to these times but may run a little faster or slower depending on the size of the class. The state of Ohio requires 8 hours of class, 6 classroom, and 2 hours range time. We will cover everything necessary for you to apply for your concealed carry permit. 

What you need to bring to your Ohio CCW class


SAFETY - DO NOT under any circumstances bring AMMO to the classroom. DO NOT bring it in your Firearm, in your Firearm's Magazine/Clip, in your Pocket , Purse, Gun Case, or any other container. Ammunition (no reloads) will only be allowed the time we go to the shooting range. Even then, bring your firearm to the shooting range UNLOADED. Failure to abide by this or any other Safety Rule will be grounds for IMMEDIATE REMOVAL / DISMISSAL from class and NO REFUND will be issued!  Safety is what we teach, so safety is what we practice!

Please MAKE SURE to bring the following items to the CCW Class.

1) Good Positive Attitude.

2) Dress for the season, range is outside and we will outside and shooting in all-weather conditions

2) Notebook with Writing Utensil. (YOU MUST have a pen and Highlighter).

3) We will have a working lunch so I can teach you as much as possible in the amount of time I have with you.

4) Eye Protection, They don't have to be fancy. We carry safety glasses for use, if you let us know ahead of time. Ear Protection, They could be ear muff style or as simple as Foam Ear Plugs. We will further discuss safety items in class too.

5) BRING your UNLOADED Firearm to class. Please try to bring the firearm you plan to carry and the holster you plan to use with it. If your Firearm requires a Magazine bring it but make sure it is EMPTY. Speed Loader, extra Mag's or Moon Clips. If you have any of these for your firearm, bring them with you.

6) A valid Driver’s License with your current address, Cash Balance if any is due. BRING THE CORRECT AMOUNT PLEASE.


EXPULSION WARNING - If you come to the class, smelling of Alcohol, apparently Hung Over,  Incoherent, Belligerent or anything else that would not be conducive to a Professional and Safe Classroom Environment you will be expelled from the class and NO REFUND will be issued.

CRIMINAL PAST - If you have any type of criminal history, it is in your best interest to follow up with a phone call to an Attorney, Sheriff’s Department or Law Office for any additional questions. If you take our class and then find out afterward you do not qualify to get a Ohio CCW license you WILL NOT get a refund! As we have mentioned, we are Licensed and Certified Instructors, we excel in what we do and teach more than the necessary laws for OHIO CCW to carry and use firearms, but we are not Licensed or Practicing Attorneys.

Resource’s:  http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Law-Enforcement/Concealed-Carry Attorney generals website for CCW   

                       http://www.colcountysheriff.com/ Columbiana County Sheriff CCW page

You will need 100 rounds of ammo for most classes, but check with us first to make sure. The Purchase of Ammunition is Your Responsibility! Ammo is in very high demand and people are hoarding and stockpiling. I can tell you places to check for availability. When you find it, go buy it right at that moment! And if you have the money and they will sell it to you, try to buy 2-4 more 50 round boxes of target ammo. If you’re going to carry a concealed weapon you will also want to buy a box of HOLLOW POINT ammo for personal protection. Hollow Point is not a brand name; it is a type of bullet. You don't want to use target ammo for self-defense, only for target practice!

For SAFETY reasons Ammunition is NOT ALLOWED to be brought to the classroom. For additional SAFETY reasons, Reloads may not be used on the range.

If you have questions please call us, we will do whatever we can to help and educate you.

Jeff Stockman                                                                                             Dan Bowers

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